The project addresses the development and implementation of a CFD workflow for the simulation of an innovative water treatment plant for industrial waste waters of our project partner akvola. Akvola’s water treatment technology deploys a flotation-filtration-process, where fine gas bubbles agglomerate with noxious particles and droplets in the water, carrying suspended matter, microalgae, oil and organic flocs to the surface. This approach allows to achieve outstandingly high separation efficiency in even harsh environment conditions.

From the CFD point of view this poses the challenging task of solving the problem of three interacting phases (solid, liquid and gaseous) of very different scales ranging from microns to meters. This is done by using a MP-PIC (Multiphase particle-in-cell method) approach on the small-scale gas bubbles and flocculated matter particles in the liquid phase and a VoF (Volume-of-Fluid) method on the large-scale regions of air and water based on the OpenFOAM® framework. The results of the numerical simulation are validated with experimental data from PIV (Particle-Image-Velocimetry) measurements on an operating water treatment plant.

By focusing on limiting the required computational effort while keeping high quality results, our numerical workflow allows our customer to evaluate and optimize their product in the design phase of a project.