Despite todays tremendous capacity of computational fluid dynamics, experiments are still needed in aerodynamics to confidently describe the flow behavior at large-Reynolds numbers and for regimes, where the flow is dominated by pressure induced separation and vortical structures. However, experiments come with challenges of their own: Wind tunnel time, model design and manufacturing are cost-intensive. Sensors must be chosen and integrated to allow for measuring the relevant flow data without influencing the flow themselves.
Thus, the success of a test campaign largely depends on the experience of the experimenters and their ability to prepare, conduct and post-process the campaign.

Together with our project partners and our customer Airbus, NAVASTO contributed to the successful completion of a test campaign aimed at the validation of a novel high lift concept at near real scale. In preparation of the testing and on-site at the test facility at Tsagi, NAVASTO’s engineers supported the choice of sensors, the development of the test matrix and provided analysis of the test data, which aided to exploit the available test time efficiently.

The availability of complete and solid test data allows our customer to move forward with the development of cutting-edge airborne equipment.