We have successfully realized projects at a range of scales for customers from different industries, in particular the automobile and aerospace industry.

A Selection of our Clients

Reference Projects

Digimind leverage NAVASTO API to accelerate design for sustainability in the packaging industry

Digimind used our API in the cloud to bring interactive design to transform packaging from linear to circular.

NAVASTO is providing us with the most powerful AI software to accelerate our product design and development. They API are easily integratable in our engineering workflow.

Dr. Katharina Eissing (CEO of Digimind GmbH)

General Motors Co. utilizes NAVASTO’s AI accelerated software in their engineering workflow

Our navApps software package provides interactive design and real-time CFD in industry development processes and can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows. We are very pleased to share that General Motors Co. utilizes NAVASTO’s AI accelerated software in their engineering workflow and are proud to add a further technology leader to our customer base.

Explore better designs faster.

AUDI AG, a premium automotive manufacturer of Volkswagen Group, has decided to integrate NAVASTO’s AI-accelerated interactive design solution in their productive engineering workflows. NAVASTO’s market leading technology is enabling multiple OEMs in the automotive and aerospace industry to explore better designs faster.

Windtunnel Measurements in one of the largest Facilities in the World

A great deal, but not everything, can be examined using numerical simulations. However, where numerics reaches its limits, for example in the case of flows dominated by flow separation, vortices and turbulence, experiments and wind tunnel tests are the method of choice.

Since the founding of our company we have had the opportunity to provide technical support to some of the most exciting European measurement campaigns in the aerospace sector – both within the framework of research projects and directly commissioned by industry. A highlight was the measuring campaign in the  Tsagi T101 tunnel as part of the European research undertaking AFloNext, during which we not only developed and supplied core components of the hardware, but as part of the research team also planned, conducted and evaluated the measurement campaign.

"The high technical competence and knowledge, trustiness and the excellent spirit of co-operation shown by NAVASTO during different European projects (e.g. Clean Sky2 and AFloNext) were very much appreciated."

Dr. Bruno Stefes (Airbus Operations GmbH)

Process Integration AUDI AG (OpenFOAM®/ ParaView®)

The free, open source software packages OpenFOAM® and ParaView® offer countless functionalities for flow simulation and the evaluation of the simulation data. The challenge is to transfer these functionalities to an industrial simulation process.

Since 2015 we have been the process integrator for OpenFOAM® and ParaView® for the AUDI AG. We transfer methodological ideas to automated, standardized and robust HPC simulation processes. This work includes

  • The compilation and handover of the software packet to the IT
  • The development of a GUI-based, comfortable pre-processing tool
  • The HPC workflow management
  • The development of automated post-processing on the basis of ParaView®
  • The connection of the simulation processes to the simulation data management
  • The preparation and maintenance of all CFD simulation processes

We speak both the language of engineers and that of IT, enabling us to develop solutions in the shortest possible time.

Simulation of the Temperature- and Flow Field of a Ultra-High-Temperature Furnace with HPC Ressources from the Cloud

Discontinuous high temperature ovens with operating temperatures above 2,000 °C are used increasingly in high-tech areas. In this technological threshold region, it is hard to obtain the necessary understanding of the prevailing temperature and flow fields as the possibility of direct measurement is severely restricted.

A best practice is developed for the calculation of the entire facility employing the open source software OpenFOAM®. The resulting workflow includes both the networking of the complex geometry with its different material properties, as well as the calculation of the complex interplay between thermal conduction, convection, radiation and the fluid motion.

The heating procedure is represented by a specially developed Joule Heating function. This enables one to determine both the temperature distribution and the required electrical power.

Es konnte ein computergestütztes Modell entwickelt werden, das mit guter Genauigkeit Aussagen zum Temperatur- und Strömungsfeld von Höchsttemperatur-Ofenanlagen liefern kann. Damit ergeben sich neue Möglichkeiten zur Auslegung solcher Systeme, die in besonderer Weise zeit- und kosteneffizient sind.