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What is navDesign?

The application navDesign is a plugin for the license-free visualization software ParaView® for the evaluation of reduced order models calculated by navROM and for the exploration of the design space.

Through the connection to ParaView®, the powerful post-processing functionality of this established software is fully available, without the need for further investment in an additional visualization software.


What can navDesign do?

navDesign enables you to:

  • Select new conditions within the parameter space and visualize the solution for this condition within seconds of the prognosis.
  • Estimate scalar values such as resistance, lift or mass flow for the selected parameter combination and display them with the expected error range.
  • Calculate and display gradients and sensitivities for the solution with respect to the individual parameters.
  • Carry out a global optimization, with auxiliary conditions, of the scalar values and display the resulting geometry and field solution.
  • Generate a multitude of variants which display similar functional characteristics (e.g. similar resistance), but which differ in terms of the parameter combinations. This enables design alternatives to be generated automatically and evaluated by the user.
  • Export the current interface geometry in order to use it for further work.
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