5 Complex Engineering Challenges Solved with NAVASTO's AI Solutions

In today's world, the boundaries of engineering are constantly redefined by the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With this blog post, NAVASTO welcomes you to an era where the previously unattainable is today turned into reality.

The Role of AI Solutions in Modern-Day Engineering

With the introduction of AI, engineering is going through a massive transformation, and it’s not just a passing trend. AI is changing what we think is possible in this field. NAVASTO takes on complex engineering challenges and turns them into success stories while transforming the engineering paradigm. 

NAVASTO’s solutions for AI-accelerated engineering are assisting engineers, amending engineering workflows,  and setting the standard for a modern approach to engineering challenges. These solutions allow engineers to overcome traditional barriers and bring their productivity to new heights. In this blog post, we aim to present the power of NAVASTO’s AI solutions by showcasing five remarkable success stories of conquered engineering challenges. 

Challenge 1: Optimal Design for Enhanced Maritime Performance

The maritime engineering industry is constantly striving to improve efficiency and sustainability. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set targets for new ships to be 30% more efficient by 2025

To achieve efficiency in any project, optimising the usage of resources, including time, money, and available data, is crucial. NAVASTO has demonstrated its ability to help achieve these goals, as seen in the partnership with INEOS Britannia’s race boat sailing team


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NAVASTO is tailoring unique solutions to optimise INEOS’ engineering design process by incorporating AI for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This accelerates the whole process while having a direct and positive influence on the race boat performance.

Due to the limited time before each race, the teams participating in the America’s Cup must work with enormous speed and accuracy during the engineering design process of their race boat. If the team manages to keep up with these requirements, the chances to win in the highly competitive America’s Cup are maximised. 

🔗 Watch this webinar to see how NAVASTO’s AI can cut 85% of the costs and duration that maritime engineering analysis requires by leveraging existing data.

This technology will enable the maritime industry to meet and surpass the stringent demands of efficiency and environmental stewardship, creating a more sustainable future for all. 

Challenge 2: Formula 1 Aerodynamic Optimization

The race for the championship in Formula 1 is about speed on the track and innovation in the design office. Even a millisecond shaved off a lap time in this high-stakes environment can be the difference between winning and losing. 

Aerodynamic efficiency is crucial, and teams constantly strive to push the boundaries of technology to gain an edge. This is where NAVASTO’s AI solutions enter the race.

Several Formula 1 teams have turned to NAVASTO when confronted with optimising their vehicles’ aerodynamics. By leveraging the power of AI, they were able to break the lengthy cycles for design evaluation by reducing the dependency on CFD simulations to test new geometries and explore more options by leveraging their vast historical simulation result database. 

NAVASTO’s AI-driven tools allow these teams to predict the aerodynamic performance of geometries that had never been physically tested or simulated!

This AI-driven approach accelerates the design process and allows for a more comprehensive exploration of the design space. Teams can iterate designs much faster, leading to rapid advancements in aerodynamic performance.. 

🔗 This webinar introduces the use of AI in engineering workflows. Watch it to learn how this increases vehicle performance and shortens design cycles!

The impact of NAVASTO’s AI solutions in Formula 1 highlights the transformative potential of AI in engineering.

Challenge 3: Accelerate Automotive Engineering Workflows through Real-Time CFD

NAVASTO has implemented AI-accelerated software in the workflows of various automotive companies.

With the advancement of high-performance computing (HPC), the possibilities with CFD are growing, resulting in more reliability and higher precision but at the cost of increasing computational effort and time. AI-accelerated engineering maximises the benefit of these costly simulations by generating more insight in a fraction of the actual simulation time after training an AI model on the simulation data. NAVASTO, as an AI-driven company, is leading the way in this field called real-time CFD. 

NAVASTO using artificial intelligence and machine learning with ai systems to improve design cycles

General Motors adapted NAVASTO’s AI-powered software package to improve their engineering workflows. The software provides real-time CFD and interactive design capabilities, enabling GM to work more efficiently.

Comparison between the prediction from our software and CFD results

AUDI AG uses NAVASTO’s AI-driven optimisation approach to find the best design and configuration for aerodynamic components like an active spoiler. The result is improved aerodynamic efficiency without compromising aesthetics or structural integrity.

🔗 🎥 Watch this video to see how NAVASTO implemented real-time CFD in a Blender Plugin:


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Challenge 4: Sustainable Packaging Design

The packaging industry is facing a challenge to transform linear models into circular economies to minimise waste and enhance recyclability as part of the quest for sustainability. 

Digimind, a leading company in innovative packaging solutions, is at the forefront of this challenge. They aim to reinvent packaging design and redefine the industry’s approach to sustainability. This is not a trivial task, as it requires a radical shift in design processes and methodologies to incorporate sustainability from the outset.

To tackle this ambitious goal, Digimind partnered with NAVASTO. Leveraging NAVPACK in the cloud, interactive design and real-time prediction allows for the exploration of new designs. This ensures that packaging solutions are efficient, functional, and environmentally friendly.

NAVASTO’s AI solutions transformed Digimind’s design process, enabling rapid prototyping and testing of packaging configurations, accelerating the design process, and reducing the environmental footprint. The collaboration set a new standard for using technology to address environmental challenges.

Challenge 5: Real-Time Physics Predictions

A collaboration between SimScale and NAVASTO has introduced a fully integrated, cloud-native AI-based physics prediction platform. 

🔗 Watch the webinar that explains how to use the platform: “AI-based Physics Predictions in Your Web Browser”

The collaborative solution allows engineers and physicists to obtain instantaneous simulation results after training an AI model on existing data. This possibility elevates the engineering process and can improve overall efficiency, product quality and time to market.

Real-Time Physics Predictions Empowered by AI

With the integration of this AI-powered approach and SimScale’s validated PDE solver, engineers can now opt for the most suitable approach for their specific requirements, thereby ensuring optimal efficiency and accuracy in their projects.

This incomparable partnership is set to change the current engineering realm with advanced simulations, making them more accessible to a broader audience and setting a new benchmark for the role of AI in engineering.

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Future Outlook: The Uncharted Waters of AI-Driven Engineering

NAVASTO’s AI solutions are helping to solve complex engineering challenges in various industries. In this blog post, we have presented a selection of remarkable success stories, conquering five engineering challenges: 

  • Optimal design for enhanced maritime performance 
  • Formula 1 aerodynamic optimisation 
  • Accelerated Automotive Engineering Workflows 
  • Sustainable Packaging Design
  • Real-Time Physics Predictions

By leveraging the power of AI, NAVASTO sets the standard for a modern approach to engineering challenges. These solutions allow engineers to overcome traditional barriers and bring their productivity to new heights, driving a more sustainable future for all.

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