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navDesign, our versatile plugin seamlessly connecting to Blender®

Webinar: Optimize Your Workflow With Advanced Geometry Modification and Visualization

Maximize 3D potential with navDesign, a Blender® plugin for enhanced collaboration and model manipulation.

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Data-Driven Approaches to Complex Engineering Challenges

Webinar: AI Accelerated Engineering: Real-Time Results for Real-World Engineering Challenges

Explore real-time, data-driven solutions for complex engineering challenges. Discover successful AI implementations in engineering, covering AI models and real-time examples, and learn about the applications of transfer learning.

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real time physics predictions simscale and navasto

Webinar Collaboration: AI-Based Physics Predictions in Your Web-Browser With SimScale

During our collaborative webinar, SimScale showcased their AI-powered physics simulations, which have the potential to revolutionize engineering. They aim to make simulation accessible to every engineer by offering AI tools alongside the physics solvers, all accessible through a simple login on a web browser.

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next generation ai tools webinar navasto

Webinar: Next-Generation Tools for Automotive Aerodynamic Design and Optimization

In this webinar, we explore the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in engineering workflows, specifically focusing on aerodynamics and optimizing vehicle performance.

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marine engineering ai suport navasto

Webinar: Boosting Marine CFD with AI

Upgrade your browsing with AI-generated physics predictions for real-time interactivity.

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