With NAVASTO you employ the latest mathematical models and methods for your simulation processes. Based on the original simulation database, additional information and connections become visible, new design processes are possible, facilitating well-founded and innovative decision making.


Interactive Design

Design in Real Time with navDesign

The combination of ROMs and graphic interfaces with intuitive operation enhances the effectiveness of the most important factors in product development available to a company: technical engineering flair.

The instant prediction of the conditions and performance figures of a development enables engineers to quickly and simply test different parameter combinations and visualize the results. The entire post-processing functionality of ParaView® is available for this purpose, into which navDesign can be seamlessly integrated. The calculation of sensitivities and a live optimization interface support the search for the ideal design.

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AI for Parameter-Free Predictions

Geometry-Based Predictions with navInspect

Neural networks enable real-time predictions of flow fields and scalar values based on geometry data. Simply use already existing simulation data (legacy data) for the development of new products.

Due to the extremely fast predictions, many geometry variations can be tested and evaluated within a very short time. The result: Better products and shorter development times.

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Global Optimization

Process Control and Global Optimization with navOptimize

The application navOptimize facilitates the simple conduction of a global optimization. The integrated core functionality encompasses the generation of a static DoE, the conduction of an adaptive sampling and optimization strategies based on analogous models. Furthermore, navOptimize is equipped with an interface for the automated generation, submission as well as evaluation of simulation cases and is capable of monitoring the simulation and optimization process for different queuing systems.

Thanks to this functionality, navOptimize can also be used to efficiently and comfortably generate the database for the interactive design tool.

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