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Webinar: AI Accelerated Engineering: Real-Time Results for Real-World Engineering Challenges

December 12, 2023 |16:00 CET

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Discover Everything About Artificial Intelligence in Today’s Engineering Processes

Date: December 12, 2023, 16:00 CET

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The shift towards AI-accelerated engineering has grown as the industry faces complex challenges. This transformation emphasizes the application of data-driven approaches to streamline workflows and expedite engineering processes.

The need for AI in engineering arises from the desire to achieve real-time results, overcome intricate problems efficiently, and maximize the potential of interactive design. But the question remains: how accurate and reliable is this approach?

Explore real-time, data-driven solutions for complex engineering challenges. Discover successful AI implementations in engineering, covering AI models and real-time examples, and learn about the applications of transfer learning.

In the 45-Minute Session, You’ll Explore:

  • Benefits of Data-Driven Approaches: Understand the advantages of employing data-driven approaches in solving complex engineering challenges.
  • Application of AI to a CFD Dataset From the Automotive Industry: Explore real-world examples highlighting the successful integration of AI in a real-world engineering scenario, delivering the proof points:
    • AI predictions are indistinguishable from results obtained with first principle simulation within the predictive scope of the model.
    • Transfer learning can be employed to reduce the amount of required training data drastically.
    • Prediction confidence and uncertainty indicators ensure that engineering decisions are based on valid results.
  • A Walk Through the NAVPACK Workflow: From raw data to interactive design. 
  • Q&A session: Engage in an interactive Q&A session, where our experts will address your questions and provide valuable insights.

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Who Should Attend: 

  • Leaders in R&D and engineering seeking to enhance overall operational efficiency
  • Engineers looking to use AI for predicting outcomes and improving decision-making
  • Business leaders interested in AI trends

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Dr. Matthias Bauer, NAVASTO


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